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Frequently Asked Questions

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Because DLG is simply the best. We know what we do. This confidence is due to our teaching experience of many years. And after training hundreds of learners. It is the quality of our courses and the exciting customer reviews which speak for DLG in desi social circles.
No and they do not have to be, as long as they follow standard practices and teach German with correct grammar and pronunciation
It is possible as fast as in 6 months and can take up to 12 months. From level A1 to B1 level, a direct journey is 5 months’ long and can be very difficult for students, job holders and housewives with children. The reason is the minimum hours required for a given level, which will need at least 3 hours daily, 6 days a week. Please talk to your tutor for a package suiting your routine and your plans.
Depending on the level a course can be 6-8 weeks long.
Yes, regular courses are 4 days a week and spoken course is 2 days a week
Depending on the level, 60-90 minutes long.
It is different, but mostly decided by tutor, sometimes after a voting
No, once the timing is fixed, it is not changed.
YES, here we are very strict. Learner can skip class, but only in emergency and with a pre-notice. The one who skips classes frequently and keep doing it, must take the responsibility

YES, here we are very strict. If a learner is not doing homework, we recommend the learner to join
the next course.

No, we offer A1, A2 & B1 regular courses every 6 weeks. You will find the latest info on our Instagram handle. We encourage that you book your seat well in advance.
We do our best to keep it at approx. 10. We split the group into 2, in case number is 16 or higher.
Yes, DLG is a registered teaching service in Germany. We provide the bill upon request in cases like taxation clearance, getting funding from your employer or as a proof of course registration.
Yes, complete learning material is provided for all the courses and levels.
Yes, but just after successfully completing the course, i.e. at least 85% attendance
Yes, we encourage the learners highly that they make 1-1 private group and do the selective exercises and homework together. Please ask tutor for more useful suggestions.
No, fee is non-refundable.
Yes, but only in specific cases. Final decision is on tutor.
Yes, only for students living in hometown, depending on the case 5-10 % concession might be possible. On booking the courses together fee is negotiable 5-10%
Yes, on request a 15 minutes long free 1-1 class is possible only for serious candidates.

Yes, but the partner must have gone through a 5-10 minutes long assessment test

Twice or better thrice the time of a lesson. The longer you sit for learning, the faster you improve your language.
Yes, a coupon of 10 Euros valid for the next level is offered to those who showed 100% attendance and satisfactory to good results.
If your “Ausländerbehörde” asks you for a proof of your course registration, then we can provide you “Anmeldebescheinigung”.
If a learner has completed the course with no more than 2 leaves, then we provide you “Teilnahmebescheinigung”.

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