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Reasons for choosing us

DLG is simply the best. Because We know what we do. This confidence is due to our teaching experience of many years. And after training hundreds of learners. It is the quality of our courses and the exciting customer reviews which speak for DLG in desi social circles. Are DLG tutors native Germans? No and they do not have to be, as long as they follow standard practices and teach German with correct grammar and pronunciation

Watch 300+ Videos

You want to do A1, A2, B1 free of cost? Watch the videos on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and sentence formations. In YouTube comments, many of our DLG followers have expressed their joy of successfully passing Exams by just watching our videos.


Listen To Podcasts

In our value-driven podcasts, we discussed with out guests about the challenges learners face on German learning journey. If you are enthusiastic about German language, then some interesting discussions are waiting for you.


Download Worksheets

You can download worksheets, solve them on your computer or print them. Worksheets are targeted to help you practice and review what you have learned.


A1 , A2 and B1 Vocabulary

Sidra Umer helps you to master your Pronunciation. Our vocabulary training consists of short videos that focus on a specific word or phrase and its different meanings. You'll learn how to use them in different contexts.


Exam Prep Courses

Boost your German language skills with our expert-guided course. Prepare confidently for exams in reading, writing, listening, and speaking, and achieve your best results.


Premium German Courses

Elevate your German language skills with our tested and results-proven intensive A1-B2 regular courses, Spoken German and Interview prep and exam prep lessons. If you are living in a German speaking country in coming years, then your basic grammar and pronunciation should be correct, so that you can speak German with lesser errors and confidently. Here, repeating A1 is a very reasonable thought. Our tailored courses offer in-depth guidance in all aspects of the exam, including reading, writing, listening, and speaking. We launched our premium teaching services from July 2021. DLG team gives its best and gives it all to make the learning process a fun. We have been receiving always positive feedbacks, which are rapidly growing. It is the skills set, the confidence and flow our students have when they speak German on daily routine.


Desi Learn German

DLG is the best place to learn German online for Desis. Sidra Umer together with her husband Umer Sajjad founded DLG as YouTube channel in April, 2019 and helped thousands oflearners via free videos explaining German grammar in an easy and desi way. Sidra has a vast experience in conducting A1, A2, B1 regular courses, Telc & Goethe exam prep courses. These include groups of approx. 10 learners and 1-to-1 lessons. Umer offers A1-B2 courses and is a specialist in spoken German courses and interview preparation lessons.

Meet our team

Sidra Umer

German Language Teacher

Umer Sajjad

German Language Coach