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Regular A1, A2, B1 classes are Mo.- Thu. Depending on the level one lesson a day is 60-90 minutes long.

Group or 1-on-1 Classes

You can learn in a group of 10 students or join 1-on-1 private classes for a faster growth.

Your German Level

A1 – B2 classes are available, please discuss with us to choose the level that suits you.

What We Offer

Our material is from authentic sources such as books. We tailor the learning material according to students’ learning style and skill level for 1-on-1 classes for spoken German and interview preparation.

Desi Learn German​

DLG – Desi Learn German is the best place to learn German online for Desis. Sidra Umer together with her husband Umer Sajjad founded DLG as a YouTube channel in April, 2019 and helped thousands of learners via free videos explaining German grammar in an easy and desi way. Sidra has a vast experience in conducting A1, A2, B1 regular courses, Telc & Goethe exam prep courses. These include groups of approx. 10 learners and 1-to-1 lessons. Umer offers A1-B2 courses and is a specialist in spoken German courses and interview preparation lessons.

Why DLG?

You will learn the German grammar and sentence structure in a desi way. We teach in Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, English and in German. We explain you in your mother tongue. This makes the learning process very easy and exciting from the very beginning. We speak with students in German already at the A1 level and we focus on correct pronunciation. Depending on the student we conduct up to 90% of lessons in German for spoken and interview preparation lessons.


in a fun way.

Our learning material is easy to digest for levels A1 to B2. Covering all the modules we train our students by models tests for Goethe, Telc and other exams. We tailor the material for spoken and interview preparation lessons in such a way, that learners can enjoy the learning


with efficiency.

Our courses are fast, but also efficient enough, so that students see a clear and forward growth in their learning curve. We teach the most relevant topics. With a revision in the start of every lesson we make sure all students are doing homework. Repetition is a key here.


your grammar.

We encourage the students to revise and correct their mistakes in grammar before they join our
A2 or B1 regular course. In most cases, students take 5 or 10 1-on1 lessons to revise their
grammar. Here, students have also a chance to improve and polish their speaking.


with flow and confidence.

Spoken German course is especially for those who can not speak German, even after B1 certificate. Many students want to do spoken course, even before starting B1. Here, students have again a chance to revise and correct their grammar mistakes

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    We answer all of your Questions!

    It is possible as fast as in 6 months and can take up to 12 months. From level A1 to B1 level, a direct journey is 5 months’ long and can be very difficult for students, job holders and housewifes with children. The reason is the minimum hours required for a given level, which will need at least 3 hours daily, 6 days a week. Please talk to your tutor for a package suiting your routine and your plans.

    No, we offer A1, A2 & B1 regular courses every 6 weeks. You will find the latest info on our Instagram handle. We encourage that you book your seat well in advance.
    Yes, on request a 15 minutes long free 1-1 class is possible only for serious candidates.

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